Above is a picture of a T-shirt Quilt I made for my son Jarrett in the summer of 2020. The color choices were his, and the fleur de lis he wanted to add because of his love of the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout, and didn't have a T-shirt to commemorate that achievement. Making this T-shirt quilt was a fun adventure for the both of us!

Gifts made with love are the best kind....



The pretty pink blanket to the right is something I like to call a "hug". It is finished with a satin ribbon and made of the minky fabric that is so soft you just want to cuddle up in it all the time.  I made this hug for a friend who just entered a nursing home across the country. I will not be near to visit in person - though I guess none of us could do that in 2020.  It is the size of a lap quilt, that could also easily wrap around her shoulders. It is a bright pink color that she will enjoy and look fabulous in!  If you can zoom in you will see the beautiful stitching that looks like a daisy chain. These are some of her favorite things...


This aquarium wall hanging was a Christmas gift for my first best friend, my brother Jared. He has a big salt water aquarium in his front room, and when I saw this pattern I immediately knew I would make it for him. It is an ANITAGOODESIGN pattern called "Under the Sea" sewn with Sulky thread on my Babylock Ellisimo Embroidery Machine. This gift was so fun to make, I could hardly decide which patterns and colors to choose. I started with the clown fish and enjoyed every new piece as the stitching came to life. 


None of this would have been possible without my Babylock Ellisimo Embroidery Machine. It was Beverly's before it was mine, and it was a gift from my husband who knows how much I love to sew. I don't know that I would have dared touch the thing if she hadn't shown me the ropes and shared her creative genius.

I love this incredible embroidery machine!!!!

This sweet little sea horse is one of the patterns pre loaded on the machine.