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The beauty of color...

I love color. I love to create. I love to watch something blossom out of nothing. It's one of the reasons I love embroidery so much. I love taking the steps and watching the pieces come into being as the picture begins to emerge with each beautiful stitch. The pictures below are from a pattern called "Under the Sea" from AnitaGoodesign. Sewn on my Babylock Ellisimo machine primarily with Sulky threads in the fall of 2020. Oh how these patterns brightened an otherwise dark year. The pattern has so many different beautiful kinds of fish and I enjoyed picking the colors of the threads that would bring them to life. The picture on the right is the first one I did, I thought the contrast between the oranges was too drastic. The picture on the left turned out so much nicer, it is the one I included in the beautiful wall hanging I made for my brother, my first best friend.

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