Hello friends...

This is a picture of my BFF Beverly and I, taken just before she moved to Florida. We have been sewing together for almost two decades! She has inspired my projects, provided me with plenty of guidance and shared her experience over the years. She is invaluable to me. We frequently ask each other's opinions and I thought you might need someone to ask when you have a question.... so feel free to ask. We will do our best to help you in your sewing journey!

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Our Sewing adventures...

Beverly and I met at church in 2002 when my family moved to Connecticut. We both have four kids that matched up in age, so it was really nice to hang out and our kids grew up playing together as we crafted and sewed along the way.

Beverly is one of those fearless, Renaissance women, who has so many talents and so much experience to share. She is interested in many different things, and is always willing to share her wisdom and suggestions with anyone who asks.

I have been sewing since I was a girl. First Barbie clothes by hand out of my mother's scraps, and then a home economics class in high school where I learned the value of ironing and straight pins. I have been sewing for my family ever since, mostly costumes and home decor. Lucky for us, my son and Beverly's daughter were married in December 2019 and we look forward to sewing for our grand babies some day.

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Like I said, Beverly and I are always willing to help you in your sewing journey. Drop us a line, we will do our best to help!

Or contact us by leaving a comment on the Ask Beverly page